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Online Credit Counselling Can Estimate your Benefits

Online credit counseling programs have many advantages, including after-hours access and the ability to save your information and come back to it at any time. What these programs lack are the actual counseling that should accompany the formation of any debt management plan.

It is strongly recommended to arrange a personal meeting with or calling an Accredited Financial Counselors to discuss your financial situation and to determine options. If you decide that you would like to get credit card debt help online, you may Dial +18886541284

If you are using an online credit counseling program, you should at least follow the guidelines below. Most online counseling sites work in a similar way. Following these guidelines can help make your online experience more effective.

Online Credit Counseling Tips

Create Account

You will want to create an account online using a password you can remember. Your email address will serve as your username. Once inside, you will establish your account by entering your personal information.


Enter monthly amounts for your net income and your expenses. Don’t forget about seasonal expenses and other smaller items that are easy to overlook. Once you enter your debt information, you will want to review your budget to see how your consolidated payment fits.

Enter Debts

Gather your latest credit card statements and enter your debt information. It is important to have accurate balances in order to get an accurate payment estimate. You will be able to see the estimated savings and your new monthly payment.

As you enter your creditor information online, you will be able to estimate the effectiveness of your debt management plan based upon the creditors and accounts that you have. This is a good way to learn about potential benefits before you commit to a debt management plan.

Review how Payment Fits in your Budget

You will likely not have a large budget surplus, but your budget should still be in the positive. If your budget shows that you still have more than a $200 surplus, ask yourself if you really have that much money left over every month. If so, you might be able to benefit from a self-directed strategy. If not, then it is likely that you have underestimated some expenses or forgotten some entirely. If your budget is negative, you may need to make some changes to earn more income or reduce your expenses so that you can afford the program. Make sure that you update your budget to reflect any changes that you can commit to.

Set up Your Automatic Payments

Once you have completed your budget and debt entry, it is time for you to set up an automatic monthly debit. You can choose your payment date online and enter your banking information. This information can be found across the bottom of your check. If you are using a savings account, make sure that you call your bank to obtain the routing number for their savings accounts.

Once you have decided on a payment date, you will want to stick with that same date. Your new automatic payment can take the place of the individual payments that you were sending your creditors before. You can complete everything with your digital signature online.

For Assistance or Questions

Accredited Financial Counselors can review what you have entered online to help you assess your situation. If there are any questions, we will contact you for clarification. You can call us toll-free to finalize your plan or to ask any questions.